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Benefits of Studying Mathematics

What are the Benefits of Studying Math?

Are there benefits in math? When some people reflect back on high school math classes, thought of reams of homework with a portion of the answers in the back of the books. They might recall lectures on theorems but weak explanations and minimal feedback. Teachers met the requirements of the curriculum, but many students were left frustrated with math as a whole.

There are, however, some people who enjoyed the logic and reasoning in math classes. They completed the available courses like algebra, geometry and maybe pre-calculus with aspirations for a degree and career in math. It’s not until college when a whole mathematical world opens up. Courses now include computer science and statistics. Math skills in college recapture the interests of the previously disheartened.

Why is Math Beautiful?

Math is like a key to a treasure chest. Each bit of logic and reason it took to create the key is the answer to unlock a hidden truth. By taking math, you have the skills to think through many problems, find the solution, and make use of it in your work.

Why is Math Important?

Math teaches students to reason within the rules and law of mathematics. This reasoning can transfer into other fields as well. If you are in a job or project, you are presented with a problem. Rules and deadline are established for finding the solution or end product. Whatever the solution, it is found within the parameters of the rules that defined the job. Math demonstrates that rules don’t block the end results, but rather help to discover the solutions to the problems.

Math skills are applicable in a number of careers like accounting and finance. Mathematicians in these professions are most likely the ones who can look back at their high school classes and appreciate these humble beginnings. Higher-level thinking abilities were developing during these simpler mathematical times. The benefits reaped from their math education help them succeed in life long after the pomp and circumstance of high school.

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