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Careers with a Math Degree

What Careers Can You Get with a Math Degree?

A degree in math is obtainable for those with a strong skill set in mathematics. Beyond high school algebra and geometry, you will find many levels of math. The challenge and excitement you get with math can continue after college with a math degree and into a great career.

What Types of Math Degrees are There?

Most colleges offer a math degree, but there are many types of degrees as well as specializations to consider. Community and junior colleges offer courses leading to an associate’s degree. Four-year universities and private colleges can lead you to a bachelor’s degree and sometimes graduate programs all the way to a PhD. In most cases, a bachelor’s will start you on the right path to a great career with math.

What Kind of Career Can I Get with a Math Degree?

Math is one of the subjects that everyone uses in their daily life. What many people may not realize is how much math is required in the work place. Some jobs, such as accounting and statistics, use computation and problem solving skills. Mathematicians utilize their math skills in areas as well. Engineering, business and science are just a few field that rely on math theories and models.

Computers are becoming more of a necessity in certain fields and part of your education for a math degree. A background in computer programming is vital as many complex calculations and data collection tallied on computers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, potential workers with a bachelor’s degree in math can choose from one of about 3,000 jobs. Demands for math educators, engineers, and personal financial advisors are just a few of the fastest growing careers by 2018 compared to other occupations with a bachelor’s degree. Mathematicians are also employed in the areas of science and government. Chemistry and aerospace are just a few possible fields of work.

How Much Money Can a Math Degree Holder Earn?

Desirable earnings make job searches competitive. In 2009, the median annual salary for a computer programmer was $70,000. For an actuary, the median annual salary was $87,000. For the effort it takes to earn a math degree, the economic rewards are very good.

A math degree takes you far beyond what you can imagine in an algebra class. Don’t limit yourself to just a high school education, but pursue that which makes you passionate about math. Not only will you do what you enjoy, but make a comfortable earning doing it. Start researching your possibilities at colleges or online for a possible online math degree.

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